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Nutritional values for fruit are taken from the USDA website. They determine what a serving size is. Their weights for fruit servings figure in the weight of stems, peels, rinds, and other stuff you'd throw away.

NOTE: We are here showing the total sugar content of fruit. We are using the sugar cubes to illustrate that. Fruit probably has other health benefits that outweigh the sugar content, and the fruit in sugar may (or may not) be healthier than table sugar. But all fruits are not equal in sugar content, and it's worth noting that. A strawberry may, in fact, be healthier than a grape, even though they are both "natural."

Well, that's where all the sugar in raisins comes from.

 Red Seedless Grapes 
 1 serving (126g - 4% waste)
 Sugars, total:		20g
 Calories, total:		88
 Calories from sugar:	80

 1 cup cubes (160g)
 Sugars, total:		13g
 Calories, total:		54 
 Calories from sugar:	52
 1 serving (134g - 49% waste)
 Sugars, total:		11g
 Calories, total:		46 
 Calories from sugar:	44

That's about the same as a glass of OJ.

 Navel Orange
 1 large orange (270g)
 Sugars, total:		23g
 Calories, total:		132
 Calories from sugar:	92

Do you really need to add that much sugar to applesauce?
 Mott's Applesauce (Sweetened)
 1 cup (113g)
 Sugars, total:		22g
 Calories, total:		100
 Calories from sugar:	88 

The unsweetened has a lot less sugar. Be careful, because the packaging is almost identical to the sweetened kind.
 Mott's Applesauce 
(Organic Unsweetened)
 1 cup (113g)
 Sugars, total:		11g
 Calories, total:		50
 Calories from sugar:	44 

 1 large apple (3.25"/223g - 10% waste)
 Sugars, total:		23g
 Calories, total:		116
 Calories from sugar:	92
1 cup slices (109g)
 Sugars, total:		11g
 Calories, total:		57 
 Calories from sugar:	44

 1 large (140g)
 Sugars, total:		17g
 Calories, total:		125
 Calories from sugar:	68 

 1 large (184g - 4% waste)
 Sugars, total:		15g
 Calories, total:		72
 Calories from sugar:	60 
 1 cup sliced 
 Sugars, total:		12g
 Calories, total:		60 
 Calories from sugar:	44

Of course, it depends on how ripe they are.

 1 serving (147g)
 Sugars, total:		7g
 Calories, total:		47
 Calories from sugar:	28 

A surprising amount of sugar.

 1 slice (280g - 50% waste)
 Sugars, total:		18g
 Calories, total:		86
 Calories from sugar:	72 

 1 serving (112g - 50% waste)
 Sugars, total:		9g
 Calories, total:		50
 Calories from sugar:	36 

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