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One "serving" of the King Size Snickers is one third of the bar. Do you have enough restraint to eat one third and save the rest for later?

 1 serving (1/3 King Size bar/35g)
 Sugars, total:		18g
 Calories, total:		170 
 Calories from sugar:	72
 1 King Size bar (105g) 
 Sugars, total:		54g
 Calories, total:		510 
 Calories from sugar:	216
 1 Regular Size bar (59g) 
 Sugars, total:		30g
 Calories, total:		280 
 Calories from sugar:	120

This is a satisfying treat with less sugar than most candy bars.
 Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
 2 pieces (1 package/42g)
 Sugars, total:		20g
 Calories, total:		230 
 Calories from sugar:	80

No surprise here - pure sugar, with a colorful candy coating.
 1 bag (2.6 oz)
 Sugars, total:		47g
 Calories, total:		250
 Calories from sugar:	188

That's almost one sugar cube per piece.
 Starburst Fruit Chews 
 1 package (58.7g) 
 Sugars, total:		34g
 Calories, total:		240
 Calories from sugar:	188 

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