Relearning the taste of food

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From the cradle we're trained to expect sugar, lots of sugar, in almost everything we eat. It's not enough that most children grow up never eating peanut butter without the accompaniment of jelly. Even the peanut butter itself gets sugar added for a double-whammy of unnecessary sugar.

People cannot even imagine what simple, unadulterated peanut butter might be like. They have never had the chance to taste its complex richness, to appreciate the true flavor of roasted peanuts. They aren't even aware that they might be missing something. Anyone who does take the time to experience it would never go back to the sugar-laden varieties; they'd miss the real taste too much.

Even a spice like cinnamon is so often coupled with sugar that people cannot imagine enjoying it by itself. But such an aromatic and versatile spice should be used, and appreciated, on its own. Take a bowl of plain oatmeal, add a healthy spoonful of cinnamon, some chopped nuts, and maybe some sliced apple. Eat that for a week. Then go back and try one of those premade oatmeal-sugar packets. You won't be able to stand the treacly sweetness. You'll miss the FLAVOR too much.

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