The Truth about Fruit

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We've gotten the most feedback about our fruit section. Things like: Fruit doesn't contain table sugar, so it's misleading to use sugar cubes to show the sugar content. Fruit is natural and healthy, how dare you compare it with Pop Tarts!

First, please check out the article in Wikipedia on fructose, specifically, the table of sugar content of various fruits and vegetables. We are not chemists, however, so we will leave the further research up to you.

The point we were trying to make, however, is that all fruits aren't the same. Some have more sugar than others. An apple may not, in fact, be quite as good for you as a strawberry. Eating fruits, even sugary ones, may have other benefits that offset the amount of sugar they contain. That very well may be the case. But we still think it's important to be clear on just how much sugar we're talking about.

And don't get us started on faux fruits: fruit juice, smoothies, jam, sugar-fortified apple sauce, fruit rolls, etc. Just because a product has some fruit content, or looks like it has fruit inside, or is derived from a fruit, doesn't mean you should put it in your body.

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